Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Oh I'm not a happy bunny today. I feel particularly "grumpy old man" today.

I hate:

People trying to sell me things. I don't care if it is cheaper than what I'm paying elsewhere. If I want to pay less I will find a way to pay less myself. Not from somebody doorstepping me while I'm trying to unwind from a day at work.

Talking of which:

How do some people get a job? I work with a lot of people, perfectly nice well educated people. But without a lick of common sense between them. And if I have to tell somebody the same thing three times in a row before it starts to sink in again I will murder that somebody.

And then there's this other thing. There are people in the world who, I think, believe me to be a bit of a worrier. I'm not, I just like occasionally to dot the i's and cross the t's before I sit back and say "sod it, que sera". It's born a little of experience, flying by the seat of your pants can sometimes leave you in mid air with your arse on show.

But I tell you this, I try not to say it, we'll skirt around it, but it's sitting there like some bloody great shining mountain in the middle of us. I Told You So. If you climb to the top of it you'll see a flag with my face on it. You didn't listen and look where it's got you. In a bloody mess up to your armpits. Which could have been avoided. Oh yes it could.

I gave up smoking a month ago. I don't miss it that much. Honestly.

Meanwhile in my head it's 1966 and I've got not a care in the world and this is the soundtrack:

Pierro Piccioni - Fumo Di Londra


dickvandyke said...

.. Oh and those cunts who tell you to take a 'chill pill' if you display a modicum of interest in doing a job properly ...

Davy H said...

Take a chill pill Dickie.

Smoni, I wish to make you an offer for that dog, if dog it indeed do be.

Simon said...

Not my puppy Mr H. My whining is such that only dogs can hear it, and hence they stay well away from me.

And "Smoni"

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, if I ever want all my staff murdered, I'll hire you to explain things to them. Or I'll hire you instead of them.

JC said...

I'll bring you back 400 Regal the next time I go to a place where its cheap to buy'll soon feel better.

Impending fatherhood eh??

ally. said...

oh smoking...smoking smoking smoking how i miss you so. when i was giving up i would've made a brilliantly savage assassin . why can no one make fags that don't do awful things to you ?