Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sounds For Sunday

Fred Parris was (and still is) the lead voice in the classic doo wop group The Five Satins, who had a huge hit with In the Still of the Nite.

Dark At The Top Of My Heart is a little later, late 60s, early 70s. But over a pulsating bass and funky backbeat the doo wop roots stand proud. Listen to the harmonies over the 'top of my heart' line.

Beautiful stuff.

Fred Parris - Dark At The Top Of My Heart


ally. said...

cor that is damn fine - what's it off of where can i get one what's his other stuff like ???

Simon said...

It's off a Goldmine CD Northern Soul Fever Vol 2. I've only heard a few other 'Northern' type bits; they're not as good as this, but that almost crooner vocal is the same.

ally. said...

hell if this was the only thing he ever did he'd be a star in my heavens

Davy H said...

I can imagine Dexy's covering this....that bass! FAB.

sexy said...